Are hyperlinks illegal? Electronic Frontier Foundation Media Release: EFF Defends Internet Linking - Asks Court to Rehear Ditto.com Case. San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today filed a brief on behalf of Ditto.com, urging the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a ruling that threatens to make all linking on the World Wide Web a copyright infringement. The Ninth Circuit court created a novel legal rationale. It found that linking to a website without permission infringes the public display rights of the website owner. (Feb. 27, 2002) See the materials at the EFF web-site.

Michael Ingemann is good friend of ours!. I first got to know him through my little brother David. David and Michael went to USA together back in high school. After having spent some years getting an MBA from Tuck at Darmouth and doing consultancty work at McKinsey, Michael were one of the first employees and later a manager at Scandinavia Online in Denmark. Still later he was in charge of building one of - if not the - first online city guides in Denmark - Alt om KĂžbenhavn. Now he lives in London with his wife Inger and their two kids. Last evening he came by our place for coffee. Long time no see :-)