Techniban. Far out but nevertheless very interesting article - Operation ENDURING VALENTI - by Richard Forno on the "American Techniban" movement.

IT conferences. My old friend Thomas Degel - an early coordinator of Internet conferences in Denmark - has formed a new company: Dansk Informationscenter undertakes to arrange high quality conferences on hot topics within technology. First conference takes place 12. - 13. June 2002 in Copenhagen and deals with IT security. At the conference I will give a presentation on certain legal aspects of IT security.
PC Forum 2002 reports:

Business 2.0, The Wi-Fi Buzz at PC Forum.
Financial Times, The End of Lawlessness .
Fortune, PC Forum: Pumped but Pragmatic.
Newsweek, Back to the Frontier.
New York Times, A Power Shift in Technology.
USA Today, Techies get serious at PC Forum.


Self-regulation. I spoke 3. April 2002 at a conference - Consumer Protection and eCommerce - sponsored by the Danish eCommerce Foundation. A short article (in Danish) titled E-mærkningsordningens klageinstans og dens sanktioner formed the basis for my speech. Please send me an e-mail, if you want a copy of the article.


Everquest richer than Bulgaria! From Declan McCullagh's Politech:

. . . Norrath, the setting for the online game Everquest, has been found to be the 77th richest country in the world, sandwiched between Russia and Bulgaria.

. . . .Research carried out in the United States shows that virtual internal markets, combined with illegal online trading on auction websites, mean that Norrath has a gross national product per capita of $2,266, bigger than China and India.

. . . ."You'll log onto the game world and meet them in a tavern or in a town so the virtual you will meet the virtual other player who will hand over the gold to you or they'll hand over the sword to you and the whole transaction actually occurs in virtual space."

. . . . He said that people are putting hundreds of hours a year into these characters and you can tell how valuable that is in terms of money by looking at how much these characters sell on open markets such as auction sites like ebay where they can fetch hundreds of US Dollars.

Softwarepatents. The EU Commission has put forward its proposal for a directive (Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and the the Council on the patentability of computer-implemented invention 20-02-2002). The proposal seeks to harmonize the legislation of EU Members states by allowing unlimited patenting of software and business processes. The proposal has once again spurred a heated debate on the usefulness and reversely harmfulness of such patents. The Danish anti-softwarepatents group has issued a provocative introduction (in Danish) on the problems associated with software patents (Kort intro til problemerne ved softwarepatenter 21-03-2002). Whatever one's opinion on this issue might be - and my personal opinion is that software and business process patents under the current seriously flawed patenting system is highly problematic - it is very disturbing that the political process is so biased by the lobbying of big business with interests in unfettered patenting opportunities! The Danish eBusiness Association holds an open meeting to debate the issues on April 9. 2002. Read more about the meeting.


Techies get serious at PC Forum. Kevin Maney from USA Today has a report Techies get serious at PC Forum from PC Forum 2002. Maney notes from the conference session: Two chairs down from me, a man in a khaki shirt and khaki pants has fallen asleep. Contrary to what Benjamin Lundström - my partner at vonhaller - pointed out, when he read the report, I was NOT the man who had fallen asleep :-)