Glenn Gould. I have almost finished reading an exciting book Den Kreative L√łgn - 12 Kapitler om Glenn Gould (The Creative Lie - 12 Chapters about Glenn Gould) by Karl Aage Rasmussen. Indeed, I am not a musical person, although I love listening to good music! Hardly a month goes by without relistening to Glenn Gould's famous performance of Bach's Goldberg variations. Bach gives you the most sophisticated yet simple music and Gould's rendition is an unforgettable burst of energy. Rasmussen's book is full of insight on the idiosyncrasies of Gould - an incurable eccentric - but also holds a lot of interesting observations on music in general and art in modern hightech society. For instance, I never knew that Gould and Marshall McLuhan - the patron saint of Wired Magazine - were good friends. Gould is said to have remarked: "Marshall knows more about the medium, I know the message". The book is highly recommended!

(my father and Vilhelm having fun a my birthday reception.)

My Birthday. I had a wonderful 40 years birthday April 2. with a reception given by my friends at vonhaller lawfirm, Araneum and the Danish eBusiness Association. Lots of good friends and people came by to say hello. Lots of wonderful presents. Thank you everyone!