(photos courtesy of Hans Henrik Højberg)

metrostar. This summer I have spend most early Friday mornings meeting with four friends together with whom I am starting up a new company - Metrostar (to be renamed soon) - that strives to supply wireless Internet access to broadband starving Danes. Much about this later.

Blogging. Henrik Føhns has some very funny - and sarcastic - observations on the blogging phenomenon. Morten Lund shoots back. I cannot help feeling as one of the targets of Henrik's sarcasm. My weblog is a fine example of if not narcissism then blatant egocentrism or vanity. But then again who cares. This weblog is only viewed by those who deliberately decide to pay it a visit.

This reminds me of a working paper - William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner "The Influence of Economics on Law: A Quantitative Study" - that I read back in 1992. Among other things, the working paper argues that when measuring the influence of thoughts and ideas you should not only include citations in journals and periodicals that support those ideas and thoughts but importantly also citations and quotes by authors that do not support them. Just by spending the effort to criticize and oppose you show that you have been influenced!

Maybe, Morten and the rest of the most exhibitionistic of us bloggers should merely enjoy that we have able to influence Henrik to even care about and express his distaste. On the other hand, who am I kiddin'? Who said that Henrik was even thinking about my weblog when he wrote his piece. He got me there :-)

Anyway, here is another picture of Vilhelm - my wonderful son - taken from a trip to Tivoli last week.


Microsoft. Why does the Bush administration refuse to acknowledge that Microsoft takes a big part of the blame for the lack of IT-security? There is plenty of material for conspiracy theories in Declan McCullagh's article Microsoft's new deal with Uncle Sam from News.com.