Weblogs. Weblogs are going mainstream in Denmark. Danish web pioneer Tim Frank Andersen comments on IT phenomena at Danish TV-channel TV2. In the show aired 26 September 2002 his topic was weblogs. Tim has his own weblog called Tim Tech Blog (which need some updating though).

Urs Gattiker. One of the most rewarding aspects of my professional life is that I constantly get the chance to meet interesting people. One such person is Urs Gattiker. I had heard mentioned Urs' name many times before and I have for a period subscribed to his free electronic newsletter Information Security News This Week. But I had never met him before two or three weeks ago where our common interest in the Danish chapter of Internet Society (ISOC DK) gave us a chance to meet. In addition to being among the very top of the pops within IT-security in Denmark, Urs has a truly international outlook with respect to information technology, which is something everybody in our little province called Denmark should take notice of and learn from. After our meeting, Urs and I are now in the process of arranging an international workshop dealing with trends in IT-security to take place in Copenhagen 2 November 2002. More about this later...

(Photo of shoes belonging to the board members of the Danish Entrepreneur Association. The running shoes are mine.)

Entrepreneurship. Last week the new and totally re-designed web-site of the Danish Entrepreneur Association was launched. I think it has been worth while waiting for. In my humble opinion, the visual identity and the photos of the people behind the association express its straightforwardness and flexibility.
Media. In the local Danish duck-pond (an expression borrowed from a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale - the Ugly Duckling - I presume. The right English expression might be the parish pump) many people are talking about how the Danish media landscape is changing dramatically these months. And for once the Internet is not getting much attention. Rather, the focus is on how old printed newspapers and magazines perish and new emerge. One of the most interesting things to happen is the planned release 22 October 2002 of Dagen (the Day). Dagen is one of the first entirely new daily newspapers to be published in Denmark in many years. Check out its web-site at http://www.dagen.dk/ (the web-site is by the way produced by Araneum - the company that I once helped co-found but that now has been sold to TietoEnator). The publishers of Dagen need all the good luck wishes they can get. It is courageous to embark on such an ambitious venture in such dire times for publishing and advertising. I am fearful that Dagen will have a hard time trying to survive once its charm of novelty is gone.