eCommerce workshop. Invitation to the 2nd regional e-Factors workshop: A Thematic Network in E-Business Models. November 3, 2002. Copenhagen Business School, Dalgas Have 15. Download program here. Disclosure: I am not associated with the conference but have received the invitation from the organizers.


Open Source Forum. Pictures from an enlightening evening (Monday 21 October 2002) with 15 participants in the Open Source Forum discussing the presentation by professor Mogens Kühn Pedersen of the newly released report from Teknologirådet (The Danish Technology Council) on the use of open source software in the public sector.

(Michael Winsløv, Alexander Aghassipour and Gudjon Bjarnason)

Geek party. Gudjon helped me setup my linux server with web-server and the whole shebang. Michael wired my place with Ethernet. And Alex played his new CD. Thank you all.

(Thea Grunnet and Vilhelm)

Friends. Jeanne, Vilhelm and I finally had one of those wonderful weekends totally dedicated to friends. Brunch Saturday with Adam, Lotte and David. Dinner Saturday evening with Clara, Thea, Liv, Charlotte and Henrik. Brunch Saturday with Augusta, Amalie, Micha, Hans Henrik, Peter and Hanne.
Fun. Look at this commercial (video) done by Blarke Sonne Levring. Hard to see but the part with the hen was shot this summer at our roof terrace at Admiral Gjeddes Gaard.