Open Source. The Japanese Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI), an independent administrative institution with non-civil servant status, 25 October 2002 hosted a session Intellectual Property Rights of Software and Open Source with professor Larry Lessig and Bradford L. Smith, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Microsoft, as speakers. Interesting discussion! Listen and watch here.

Homo Generosus. Danish science writer, consultant, lecturer and organizer Tor Nørretranders has written a new exiting book Det Generøse Menneske (the Generous Man) that presents the modern man and the man of the future not as the boring calculating economic man but as a man that lives to give, share and make strong impressions - in particular on the other sex. Buy the book at Guleroden and visit Tor's weblog.

Enterprise System Copenhagen. Call me mr. Exit! First, Araneum was sold to TietoEnator as of 1 September 2002. See press release here. I cofounded Araneum in 1996. Now, as of 1 October 2002, TietoEnator has also acquired Enterprise Systems Copenhagen A/S. See press release here. I was also one of the cofounders of Enterprise Systems back in 1998. I own shares in both acquired companies.

So, within two months I have exited my two most important IT-investments. Pretty impressive in such a depressed market for IT-companies! The sales, however, do not make me filthy rich. Indeed, the marketprice for IT-companies reflects today's economic situation. Nevertheless, I am proud to have been part of both companies and that TietoEnator has chosen these companies and its employees and paid real money for them in a market where everybody are selling themnselves for next to nothing.