Friends. Bi-monthly or so meetings in a my little group of friends - Gert, Thomas, Tor and Morten (Nikolaj was alas not able to attend that night) - that meet to discuss Internet, cyberspace, Wi-Fi, broadband and other things on our minds. The picture is from a meeting in mid-November.
Portrait. The 4 November 2002 edition of the Danish business magazine - Berlingskes Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin - had an article written by Henrik Føhns with a portrait of me. Read the article - Faktureringsmaskine og digital frihedskæmper - online here.
Reader comments. Tor corrects my basic Latin grammar blunder: It is Homo Generosus and not Homo Generosa. Ups. Malthe hints to that the Danish and English meaning of FagFestival is not the same. Hmmm.