Open Source Forum. Yesterday - Tuesday 26 October - we had the last meeting of 2002 in the Open Source Forum. Our special guest star was no one less the Jon "maddog" Hall who spoke on the Total Cost of Ownership advantages of Linux and open source software. When Vilhelm saw Jon's mighty beard he thought that Jon was Santa Claus :-)

Vilhelm. Just turned 3 years old and in great shape. Every day he amazes us with profound and deep insights such as: Don't worry I will take good care of you both (to his parents) and I cannot visit you tomorrow 'cause tomorrow is my day off (to his grandparents). Here are some pictures from his birthday party.


Press. In the Reuters' online article Net downloaders ordered to pay up by Bernhard Warner I am quoted for the following:

In this case, we're talking about compensation for the damage the Anti Piracy Group claims its members have suffered. It's the courts that decide the amount of compensation to be paid due to copyright infringement, not the victim.