Music. Extremely beautiful music for melancholics suffering in the grey Danish winter: Bill Evans: The Paris Concert Vol.1.
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Linked. Through a reference in Tor Nørretranders' new book Det Generøse Menneske I learnt about Linked: The New Science of Networks by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. The book gives a brilliant introduction to the rules of networks of all types: Cells, World Wide Web, Personal etc. The most eye-opening book that I have read in 2002.


Harry. Harry is a much-liked figure in Denmark these days. Harry is a kind of teddy bear puppy that is the main character in a continuous row of commercials for the Danish Railway System. Just before Christmas this year, one of the new Harry episodes was shot in our Poets' Inn in Admiral Gjeddes Gaard. In the episode Harry is supposed to visit a typical German bierstube.
IT-security. I was recently appointed by Helge Sander - the Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation - as member of the newly established Danish Council for IT-security.

Read the press release of the Ministry here (in Danish).