Bill Evans. I just finished reading Peter Pettinger's Bill Evans: How My Heart Sings - a biography on my favorite jazz musician: The pianist Bill Evans. The book at times seems to require somewhat to much knowledge about musical theory or piano playing experience - neither of which I possesses. However, the book gives a fascinating picture of his life and times. Interesting how Bill Evans' life in many ways seems to coincide with another of my favorite piano players: Glenn Gould.


IT-security. It seems that emergence of new technology and new threats to national security necessarily leads to overreactions and hysteria. A newly published Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) report titled Assessing the Risks of Cyber Terrorism, Cyber War and Other Cyber Threats concludes that the risk to national security in forms of attacks to critical infrastructure such as electricity supply, military capabilities, water supply and so on because of cyber attacks by terrorists is vastly overstated. Instead of cyber weapons used by terrorists being viewed as weapon of mass destruction they should by viewed as weapons of mass annoyance. The report also points to that focus of governments should rather be directed at the use of the Internet by terrorists for cybercrimes such as fraud and espionage.